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Banquet speech

Your majesties, your Royal Highnesses, ladies and gentlemen: Osamu Shimomura, Martin Chalfie, and I would like to thank those responsible for this great honor and to make some observations about what the Green Fluorescent Protein (or GFP) teaches us. We are deeply grateful that the Nobel committee and the Royal Academy of…



Q: What do elementary school pupils and Nobel Laureates have in common? A: They both have to write autobiographical essays on command. Ancestors and family My father, Hsue Chu Tsien (1915–1997), came from the “scholar-gentry” class in Hangzhou, China, where “Tsien” (now more commonly transliterated as Qian) is quite a common surname. Apparently in 907…



Interview transcript [Roger Tsien] Hello. [Adam Smith] Hello, this is Adam Smith from Stockholm. Is that Roger Tsien? [RT] Yeah. [AS] Thank you very much for making time for this. How have the last 24 hours been? [RT] A little bit surreal, but all I can…