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Nobel Lecture

Nobel Lecture, December 7, 1991 Writing and Being In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God, signified God’s Word, the word that was Creation. But over the centuries of human culture the word has taken on other meanings, secular as well as religious. To have the word has come to be synonymous…



Loot Once upon our time, there was an earthquake: but this one is the most powerful ever recorded since the invention of the Richter scale made possible for us to measure apocalyptic warnings. It tipped a continental shelf. These tremblings often cause floods; this colossus did the reverse, drew back the ocean as a vast…



Novels The Lying Days. – London : Gollancz, 1953 A World of Strangers. – London : Gollancz, 1958 Occasion for Loving. – London : Gollancz, 1963 The Late Bourgeois World. – New York : Viking, 1966 A Guest of Honour. – London : Cape, 1971 The Conservationist. – London : Cape, 1974 Burger’s Daughter. –…



Transcript from an interview with Nadine Gordimer on 26 April 2005. Interviewer is freelance journalist Simon Stanford. Nadine Gordimer, Nobel Literature Laureate 1991, welcome to our interview. Nadine Gordimer: Thank you. From what origins did Nadine Gordimer come to be born in a gold mining town…



Born in Springs, South Africa, 20/11/1923. Daughter of Isidore and Nan Gordimer. Has lived all her life, and continues to live, in South Africa. Principal works: 10 novels, including A Guest of Honour, The Conservationist, Burger’s Daughter, July’s People, A Sport of Nature, My Son’s Story and her most recent, None to Accompany Me. 10…