Welcome to the new
Nobel Prize website

A warm welcome to the new official website of the Nobel Prize.

If you are a returning user to nobelprize.org, you will notice that quite a lot has changed – but the heart has stayed the same.

The core of nobelprize.org is the Nobel Prize awarded laureates and their achievements. The aim is to inform, inspire and engage a curious, global audience on the groundbreaking discoveries, the work of the Nobel Foundation and the prize-awarding institutions, and our growing outreach activities, including educational efforts, exhibitions and events over the world.

“This ambitious website relaunch incorporates new design, technological implementation, visual storytelling and new ways of guiding our audience to more relevant material – always with the user in mind,” says Magnus Gylje, Editor-in-Chief of nobelprize.org.

Reach out to the Nobel Media editorial team and tell us what you think about the new website: feedback@nobelmedia.se


Did you know?

  • nobelprize.org began in 1994 by Nils Ringertz and Hans Mehlin (today the Chief Technology Officer at Nobel Media)
  • The website contains more than 10,000 pages
  • nobelprize.org had more than 20 million visits in 2017
  • The top three countries in number of visits 2017 were the USA, India and United Kingdom. The largest age group is 18-34

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Did you know that the Literature Laureate with most website visits is Rabindranath Tagore, awarded the Literature Prize in 1913?

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Photo from the Nobel Foundation archive.