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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:7 - 1
Name:Chevalier Edouard Eugène F Descamps
Year, Birth:1847
Year, Death:1933
City:Leuven (Louvain Löwen)
Country:BELGIUM (BE)
Name:Alfred Hermann Fried
Year, Birth:1864
Year, Death:1921
Profession:Journalist and editor. Member of the Commission of the Permanent International Peace Bureau.
Country:AUSTRIA (AT)
Comments: In the Nobel Peace Prize protocol the name Descamps-David was listed as David Descamps. It is highly likely that the nominee in question was Chevalier Eduard Descamps. Fried nominated a person called Chevalier Descamps-David, and it is highly probable that the secretary believed that David was the candidate's Christian name since Fried did not give a Christian name for the candidate. Fried assumed that the name Descamps was well-known. Louvain, the place of the candidates residence, was also the place where Eduard Descamps lived.

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