The visualization consists of three main parts - the buttons for sharing to social media, the map that displays the results and the search bar.

You can search for a nominee or nominator by starting to type their name in the search bar. Select the person in the list that appears.

For example, searching for Albert Einstein results in the following map:

By default, the result as nominee is shown. To search for Albert Einstein as a nominator, click on the "Nominator" button on the right-hand side.

There are several ways for filtering the data displayed, such as selecting a particular year from the Year dropdown menu and selecting or deselecting the category for the nominations (when there is more than one category available).

If something in the data influences the visualization, information about this is shown, such as whether the country of residence for the person we search for has changed over time.

There might be data missing in the visualization. Countries are not known for every person for example. If there are missing nomination data a pop-up will inform you about this:

You can view the resulting list of nominations for a given country by hovering over the bubble for the particular country.

More information about individual nominations can be found in the resulting list on the right hand side.

A symbol of a medal is shown beside persons who has been awarded a Nobel Prize.

To find out more about the nomination by or for a specific person, click on the name of the person. A pop-up windows with the full information about the nomination will be displayed.