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Nobel Media's science documentaries focus on discoveries within the field of medicine. These half hour documentaries feature some of today's most prominent scientists and Nobel Laureates deciphering the secrets of the human body and mind.

Taking case samples with real patients, the programs explain the medical mysteries that have occupied great scientists for the last two centuries. Watch first-hand accounts by Nobel Prize-awarded scientists, such as Barry Marshall and Stanley Prusiner, trying to unravel these cases. Learn more about the Nobel Prize awarded pioneers of the 19th and 20th century whose discoveries opened the doors to today’s advances, and find out what challenges lie ahead.

The programs are produced by the award-winning TV producers Kikim Media in the US, and have PBS stations distribution. Funding is provided by the AstraZeneca Nobel Medicine Initiative.

The programs may be broadcast back to back or in half hour slots. For more information on the individual half hour programs, please scroll below to watch them and read synopses.

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Unlocking the Secrets of Our Cells: The Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is awarded to those who have, as written in the will of Alfred Nobel, 'conferred the greatest benefit on mankind'. This year's Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physiology or Medicine exemplify this, by recognising four scientists whose work has enabled huge leaps forward in our understanding of medical research. This programme looks at the life and work of these four Nobel Laureates: Chemistry Laureates Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka and Medicine Laureates Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka, and the people they have influenced and helped.

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30 min.

The War Against Microbes

The latest in our trilogy of science documentaries, The War Against Microbes, is now ready and due for release on PBS Stations in the USA from October 2012.

The War Against Microbes takes viewers on an eye-opening journey through some of the most important advances in our understanding of infectious diseases, focusing on the relentless efforts of Nobel Prize Laureates to uncover the mysteries of the body's smallest adversaries. From the dawn of bacteriology up through today's cutting edge research, each generation of scientists continues to pursue the same question: can we one day declare victory in the war against infectious diseases? The program charts both the progress we've made in understanding infectious diseases and the challenges that still remain. Key contributors explaining their findings and the challenges that lie ahead are Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine Barry Marshall, Robin Warren and Stanley Prusiner.

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29 min.

The Body's Secret Army

Every day of our lives, silently and invisibly, our bodies do battle against a never-ending onslaught of hostile forces such as bacteria, viruses and other foreign bodies at a molecular level. Fortunately, we win the lion’s share of these battles. If we didn’t, we’d all die.

The foot soldiers in this daily battle are the microscopic cells and molecules of the body’s immune system. For centuries, its workings were shrouded in mystery. But over the past hundred years, thanks in large part to the groundbreaking discoveries of Nobel Prize awarded scientists, we have unraveled its basic principles, and learned how to teach it new disease-fighting skills. And in recent years, immunology has made even bolder advances – taking on diseases that once seemed beyond its reach.

In The Body’s Secret Army, we meet scientists, doctors, and patients who are united by their determination to unlock the immune system’s mysteries – and experience the stories of some of the Nobel Prize awarded pioneers whose discoveries opened the doors to today’s advances.

See 'The Body's Secret Army'
29 min.


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