Olga Botner interviewed at a press conference at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

© Nobel Media AB. Photo: A. Mahmoud

Press room for the Nobel Foundation and the outreach activities of the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Foundation is a private institution established in 1900 based on the will of Alfred Nobel. The main task is to manage the assets made available through the will, and the intellectual property related to the Nobel Prize that has developed over the years.

On 27 November 1895, Alfred Nobel signed his last will and testament, giving the largest share of his fortune to a series of prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace – the Nobel Prizes. In 1968, Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden’s central bank) established The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

Several outreach organisations and activities have been developed to inspire generations and disseminate knowledge about the Nobel Prize. The entities include: Nobel Prize Outreach and the Nobel Prize Museum, all located in Stockholm, as well as the Nobel Peace Prize, the Research & Information AS and the Nobel Peace Center Foundation, all located in Oslo. You can read more about these activities here. 

Traditionally the Nobel Prize laureates travel to Stockholm and Oslo to receive their Nobel Prizes. This year’s festivities were a mixture of digital and physical events.

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Benjamin List receiving his Nobel Prize medal.

Benjamin List receiving his Nobel Prize medal.

© Nobel Prize Outreach. Photo: Bernhard Ludewig


Here you can find images of Nobel Laureates and public events.

Strickland recieving medal


Swedish star performers on stage as the 2021 Nobel Prize laureates are honoured in Stockholm. Anne Sofie von Otter and Kiralina Salandy will sing, Bengan Janson will play accordion and Karin Hammar will play trombone. The master of ceremonies will be actress Lena Olin.


Nobel Prize Museum reopening with new exhibition

The Nobel Prize Museum on Stortorget, the main square in Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla stan), is reopening to visitors on 21 August. They can view the first major exhibition about the Nobel Prize banquet – focusing on the food, the clothing, the decorations and the laureates’ speeches. This new exhibition takes you behind the scenes. 
Nobel Prize banquet exhibition

@ Nobel Prize Outreach. Photo: Dan Lepp