Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1938
Pearl Buck

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Pearl Buck - Facts

Pearl Buck

Pearl Buck
(pen-name of Pearl Walsh, née Sydenstricker)

Born: 26 June 1892, Hillsboro, WV, USA

Died: 6 March 1973, Danby, VT, USA

Residence at the time of the award: USA

Prize motivation: "for her rich and truly epic descriptions of peasant life in China and for her biographical masterpieces"

Field: prose

Language: English

Prize share: 1/1

Interpreted China to the West

Pearl Buck grew up in China, where her parents were missionaries. She began to write in the 1920s. Many of her books deal with China and Chinese life, for example the novel 'The Good Earth' (1931) that depicts Chinese peasant life: sorrows and hardship as well as joys and rewards. It became a best seller and one of the great modern classics. From 1935 she lived in the United States and started a humanitarian organization. Pearl Buck wrote more than 70 books, dealing with the confrontation of East and West.

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