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Nobel Week Dialogue

Six Nobel Laureates in a panel discussion at the 2013 Nobel Week Dialogue on 9 December 2013. From left: 1997 Physics Laureate Steven Chu, 2004 Physics Laureate David Gross, 2000 Chemistry Laureate Alan Heeger, 1988 Chemistry Laureate Hartmut Michel, 1995 Chemistry Laureate Mario Molina and 1984 Physics Laureate Carlo Rubbia. Copyright © Nobel Media AB 2013. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud.

2013 Nobel Week Dialogue: Exploring the Future of Energy

The Nobel Week Dialogue, an open, cross-disciplinary meeting bringing together a unique constellation of Nobel Laureates, world-leading scientists, policy makers and thought leaders, focused this year on the topic "Exploring the Future of Energy" on 9 December 2013. For the first time the meeting was held in Gothenburg, Sweden.


As part of the official Nobel Week program, the meeting is a chance for scientists and non-scientists alike to engage in a dialogue about the many possible energy scenarios ahead of us.

Watch videos of the lectures and panel discussions

The Nobel Week Dialogue alternates annually between Stockholm and Gothenburg. Gothenburg provides an excellent venue to address to the Future of Energy, due in particular to the city's and the Region of Västra Götaland's energy projects and the large student communities. The meeting is open and free to attend and students and the general public are encouraged to participate.

Nobel Week Dialogue


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