Nobel Week Dialogue

The Future of Migration

9 December 2023
Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg, Sweden

This event will be live-streamed on our website, no registration is required.

From our earliest beginnings, humanity has been on the move. Migration is our past, one of our present’s burning issues and, like it or not, it will be a defining feature of our future.

Time and again, our society has been shaped and reshaped by migrations. Everything suggests that the factors driving people to seek a new life elsewhere will only multiply. Whether forced by starvation or war, by our changing climate, or by the simple human desire to seek a better life elsewhere in the face of inequality, we humans will always be migrants.

The Nobel Week Dialogue 2023 will bring people together from across the spectrum of science, society and culture to explore the future of migration and how to approach that future. How we think about migration is one of the most pressing and important conversations we can have.

Delving into humanity’s intermingled origins, we will ask what the past can tell us about what will come. Surveying the current picture of human resettlement, we will discuss how the world is responding. Looking ahead, we will investigate what steps we should take to assist and prepare. Join us to be part of this dialogue.

This event will also be live-streamed online if you can’t join us in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Nobel Week Dialogue 2023

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