Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1978
Pyotr Kapitsa, Arno Penzias, Robert Woodrow Wilson

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Pyotr Kapitsa - Facts

Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa

Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa

Born: 9 July 1894, Kronshtadt, Russian Empire (now Russia)

Died: 8 April 1984, Moscow, USSR (now Russia)

Affiliation at the time of the award: Academy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR

Prize motivation: "for his basic inventions and discoveries in the area of low-temperature physics"

Field: condensed matter physics, superfluidity

Prize share: 1/2

Studied Low Temperature Phenomena

When substances are cooled to very low temperatures, their properties change. In this regard, liquid helium is of great interest, both because of its own properties and as a means of cooling other substances. In 1934 Piotr Kapitsa developed a method for producing liquid helium in large quantities. This became very important for a number of experiments. Among other things, Piotr Kapitsa discovered in 1937 that at very low temperatures liquid helium flows without resistance. The phenomenon became known as superfluidity.

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