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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:29 - 2
Nominee 1:
Name:Priscilla Hannah Peckover
Year, Birth:1833
Year, Death:1931
Profession:Peace activist
City:Wisbech (Cambridgeshire)
Nominee 2:
Name:Adolf Richter
Year, Birth:1839
Year, Death:1914
Profession:Professor. Member of the Commission of the Permanent International Peace Bureau
Country:GERMANY (DE)
Motivation:Peckover founded the Wisbech Local Peace Association. She was editor and publisher of the journal "Peace and Goodwill". Peckover supported peace work in and outside of Great Britain, especially in the Nordic countries. Richter was chairman of the German Peace Association. One of the central figures of the early German peace movement. He attended international peace conferences and presided over the peace conference in Hamburg in 1897.
Name:Joseph G Alexander
Profession:Member of the Commission of the Permanent International Peace Bureau
Comments: Both Peckover and Richter were om the short list, but no new evaluations were requested.

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