The Nobel Committee for Chemistry

The Nobel Committee for Chemistry at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is responsible for the selection of candidates for the chemistry prize from the names submitted for consideration by qualified nominators, who have been invited through formal letters.

Nobel Committee for Chemistry 2023


Peter Brzezinski  (Secretary)
Professor of Biochemistry

Olof Ramström
Professor of Chemistry

Johan Åqvist  (Chair)
Professor of Theoretical Chemistry

Peter Somfai
Professor of Organic Chemistry

Heiner Linke
Professor of Nanophysics

Xiaodong Zou
Professor of Inorganic and Structural Chemistry

Co-opted members

Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede
Professor of Chemical Biology

Andrei Chabes
Professor of Medical Biochemistry

The committee members are elected for a period of three years from among the members of the academy. In assessing the qualifications of the candidates, the committee is assisted by specially appointed expert advisers.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences – prize awarder for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Process of nomination and selection of chemistry laureates

Web site of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

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