Tawakkol Karman at Nobel Prize Teacher Summit

Photo: Anna Svanberg. © Nobel Prize Outreach

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Celebrating excellence around the world

Our public events, held across the world, celebrate and share achievements awarded the Nobel Prize in science, literature and peace.

Our museums, situated in Stockholm and Oslo, invite visitors to engage with the Nobel Prize and its values through a world-class array of exhibitions, educational programmes, lectures and dialogues.

We create contexts that inspire people to think, act and challenge each other, and encourage cross disciplinary dialogue in issues that are crucial to our world and our future. We look forward to seeing you there.

Coming up

Nobel Prize Conversations –27 Jun 2024 | Madrid
Just sometimes, everyone else is wrong. They insist that your idea won’t work, your finding is wrong, your scheme is mad. For many Nobel Prize laureates, that was the starting point.
Nobel Prize Dialogue – 24 Oct 2024 | Sydney
In October 2024 the Nobel Prize Dialogue comes to Sydney for the first time to bring together minds from science and beyond, all gathering to discuss and explore the future of decision-making.
Nobel Week Dialogue – 9 Dec 2024 | Stockholm
In a way, health is everything. Without it, there can be no dreams, no future. But what does health truly mean? In this year’s Nobel Week Dialogue, we will delve into this critical subject.

Recent events

Event concepts

Laureates and thought leaders from various disciplines come together in Sweden during Nobel Week to discuss global issues.
2020 Nobel Week Dialogue
Nobel Prize laureates, scientists and policy makers discuss global issues in this series of conversations held internationally.
Nobel Prize laureates describe the history and background of their discoveries, literature or prize-awarded work during Nobel Week in Stockholm.
Classical music featuring internationally-renowned musicians and conductors held annually to honour the year’s Nobel Prize laureates.
Nobel Prize Concert 2021
Nobel Prize laureates join youth from around the world for this three day event combining keynotes, discussion and performances.
NPTS 042 _DSC8382
Issues of international peace and security are reflected upon at this interdisciplinary discussion during Nobel Week in Oslo.