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Student meets laureate

“I dreamt about doing research, not getting an award”

Join Emanuelle Tavares, a biomedical student at the University of Skövde as she talks to 2023 medicine laureate Katalin Karikó, whose work led to the development of mRNA vaccines for COVID-19. She explains how despite being terminated from her position and considered ‘unsuccessful’ she always tied success to what she was learning in the lab – and describes how it feels to see your work having a real impact on people’s lives.
Student meets laureate

“If you learned something from it, it’s not a failure”

Karolinska Institutet student Sofia Iskrak met 2022 chemistry laureate Carolyn Bertozzi to ask her pressing questions, including what Bertozzi was like as a student, her favourite science-themed reads, and her advice for students who are thinking of pursuing science.

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Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948) has become the strongest symbol of non-violence in the 20th century. It is widely held – in retrospect – that the Indian national leader should have been selected for the Nobel Peace Prize. He was nominated several times, but was never awarded the prize. Why?

Mahatma Gandhi laughing

Mahatma Gandhi laughing.

Photo: Public domain.

Women who changed science

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A team of female Yazidi deminers in Iraq attempting to clear their land of mines left behind by ISIS.  A team of scientists on an extraordinary mission in Mozambique to help better our understanding of climate change. A man building prosthetic legs to help victims of war walk again in South Sudan … All are inspired by Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

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Nobel Prize in Physics 2023
Through their experiments, the 2023 physics laureates have created flashes of light that are short enough to take snapshots of electrons’ extremely rapid movements. 
Illustration of two electrons, illustrating the Nobel Prize in Physics 2023.

© Johan Jarnestad/The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023
The 2023 chemistry laureates have discovered and developed quantum dots. These tiny particles have unique properties and now spread their light from television screens and LED lamps.
An illustration of a bucket of paint with coloured balls beneath it, representing quantum dots.

© Johan Jarnestad/The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2023
Claudia Goldin’s research has given us new and often surprising insights into women’s historical and contemporary roles in the labour market.
A detective investigating a file cabinet, accompanied by a golden retriever.

Figure 4. Depiction of Claudia Goldin as a detective with her dog Pika.

© Johan Jarnestad/The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences