The Nobel Committee for Physics

The Nobel Committee for Physics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is responsible for the selection of candidates for the physics prize from the names submitted for consideration by qualified nominators, who have been invited through formal letters.

Nobel Committee for Physics 2022


David Haviland
Professor of Nanostructure Physics

John Wettlaufer
Professor of Geophysics, Mathematics and Physics

Eva Olsson
Professor of Experimental Physics

Thors Hans Hansson 
Professor of Theoretical Physics

Anders Irbäck (Chair)
Professor of Computational Biology and Biological Physics

Ulf Danielsson (Secretary)
Professor of Theoretical Physics

Co-opted members

Mats Larsson
Professor of Molecular Physics

Ellen Moons
Professor of Material Physics

Gunnar Ingelman
Professor of Theoretical Particle Physics


The committee members are elected for a period of three years from among the members of theaAcademy. In assessing the qualifications of the candidates, the committee is assisted by specially appointed expert advisers.

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