Nobel Prize Lessons – Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize

Teacher's guide

This is a step-by-step timetable for the Nobel Prize Lesson Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize. This lesson package consists of four parts: a slide show with a speaker’s manuscript for the teacher, two short videos, a student worksheet, and this teacher’s guide. The lesson is designed to take 45 minutes.
Teacher’s guide: Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize (PDF 60 Kb)

Make sure the slide show and the videos work in the classroom, and make copies of the student work sheet.

Warm-up (2 minutes)
Ask your students the following questions:
What is the Nobel Prize?
Why is it called the Nobel Prize?
Are you familiar with any Nobel Laureate?

Show the video about Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize (5 minutes)
Explain that at the end of the lesson, you and the class will think about Alfred Nobel and his idea for a Nobel Prize.

Show the slides (15 min)
Show the slides, using the speaker’s manuscript. Let your students ask questions. You are welcome to note questions or unclear points that you cannot personally answer and work more with these at a later time.

Slideshow: Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize (PDF 3 Mb)

Speaker’s manuscript for the slideshow (PDF 200Kb)

Show the video about Gertrude Elion (8 min)
Distribute the student worksheet and give the class a few minutes to review the words in the vocabulary list. Then show the video.

Work with the student work sheet (10 min)
Let your students work individually with the questions and then discuss their answers with a classmate.
Student worksheet: Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize (PDF 60 Kb)

Conclusion (5 min)
Summarise what you and the class have understood, and what you have not understood. You can work with the latter on another occasion.



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