Nobel Prize Conversations season 3

Here we will be presenting six new episodes of our podcast ‘Nobel Prize Conversations’. In these six episodes we will be meeting six laureates - one Nobel Prize laureate from each prize category. 

This time we’re focusing on how our future can develop in different areas – from how our cities are developing to how one becomes the best teacher for the future generation. As always with ‘Nobel Prize Conversations’, we give you the chance to learn more about some of the individuals that have been awarded the Nobel Prize. New episodes will be added to this page as soon as they are released every second week.

The podcast is produced by Filt Hinterland and Nobel Prize Outreach in cooperation with ZEIT-Stiftung. 

Elizabeth Blackburn

“The way you do science should have an intrinsic beauty to it”

The Nobel Prize’s Adam Smith meets researcher and 2009 medicine laureate Elizabeth Blackburn. With an immense interest in the value of science, Blackburn speaks openly with Smith about how better to engage others in its importance – and beauty. Also up for discussion is our current climate crisis, as Blackburn has just been to Antartica and witnessed the severe consequences of the world's climate change. Last but not least, they speak about the future of science and the future of Blackburn's own research.

First published October 2021

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