Nobel Prize lessons – All Nobel Prizes 2021

All Nobel Prizes 2021

Teacher’s guide

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This is a step-by-step timetable for the Nobel Prize lesson – a ready to use lesson on all the Nobel Prizes 2021. The lesson is designed to take 45 minutes.

The 2021 Nobel Prizes rewarded work that ranged from models for the climate, a tool for building molecules, and discoveries that explain our ability to perceive temperature and touch – but also efforts to fight for freedom of expression, a compassionate voice of the effects of colonialism and natural experiments that provide answers to important societal questions.

Teacher’s Guide (PDF 30Kb)

1. Warm-up (5 min)
Ask your students the following questions.

  • What is the Nobel Prize?
  • Why is it called the Nobel Prize?
  • Are you familiar with any Nobel Prize laureate?

2. Show the video about Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize (5 min)

3. Slideshow (15 min)
Show the slides, using the speaker’s manuscript.

Slideshow (PDF 6 MB)

Speaker’s Manuscript (PDF 800 Kb)

4. Quiz (10-15 min)
Let your students work individually with the questions and then discuss their answers with a classmate.

Quiz (PDF 50 Kb)
Key (PDF 50 Kb)

5. Conclusion (5 min)
Summarise what you and the class have understood, and what you have not understood. You can work with the latter on another occasion.

Links for further information
Further reading about the 2021 Nobel Prizes

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