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Illustration of all 2023 Nobel Prizes
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The 2023 Nobel Prizes are about everything from electrons in pulses of light, quantum dots and discoveries that lay the groundwork for mRNA vaccines to Jon Fosse’s writing, Narges Mohammadi’s fight against the oppression of women in Iran and research on women in the labour market.

This is a ready to use Nobel Prize lesson on all the 2023 Nobel Prizes. The lesson is designed to take 45 minutes and includes a slideshow with a speaker’s manuscript, and a quiz.

1. Show the slideshow (20 min)

Show the slides, using the speaker’s manuscript.

Slideshow (PDF 4 MB)

Speaker’s Manuscript (PDF 500 Kb)

2. Quiz (15 min)

Let the students work with the quiz.

Quiz (PDF 40 Kb)
Key (PDF 40 Kb)

3. Conclusion (10 min)

Summarise the work with the quiz and capture any questions from the students.

From this page you’ll reach further information on all 2023 Nobel Prizes.

A Swedish version of the lesson is available at

More about the Nobel Prize and its founder in the lesson “Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize”

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