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Molecular Mechanisms in Biological Systems

(2004, NS 130)
Gunnar Bjursell, Astrid Gräslund, Anders Liljas, Lars Thelander
September 10-15
Tällberg, Dalarna, Sweden
Proceedings: Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Systems, Special issue of FEBs Letters, 2005, vol. 579, no. 4, Elsevier, Amsterdam.


There is a dramatic expansion in our knowledge about the complexity of the biological systems and the processes that take place in living cells. Despite the wealth of knowledge we can describe some of the processes in increasing detail, but the understanding is often lagging behind. We find it important to bring together scientists of different fields of biology and physical and theoretical chemistry as an attempt to catalyze the development for a deeper understanding of biological phenomena. We have focused on some of the basic biological phenomena, where there is tremendous research activities but where the knowledge generally is at a descriptive level.

The main aims of the symposium is to:
1. Bring scientists from a number of neighboring biological fields together for exchange of approaches and results.
2. Strengthen the contacts between biological experimentalists with physical chemists and theoretical chemists.
3. Stimulate Swedish participation in these activities.



Sept. 10 Arrival
18:00 Dinner
19:30 Anders Liljas, "Welcome to our symposium in Dalarna"
  Opening session (Chair: Bengt Nordén)
19:35 Aaron Klug, "A memoir of Francis Crick"
20:15 Harry Noller, "Ribosomal Explorations"
Sept. 11 DNA polymerases and DNA repair
(Chair: L. Thelander and Gunnar Bjursell)
09:00 Elisabeth Blackburn, "Telomeres, telomerase and their cellular growth effects"
09:45 Thomas Cech, "Structure of the human protection of telomeres complex: implications for telomerase regulation"
10:30 Coffee
11:00 John Kuriyan, "Sliding clamps and DNA polymerase clamp loaders"
11:45 Tom Steitz, "Molecular mechanisms of initiation, elongation, translocation and strand separation by polynucleotide polymerases"
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Wei Yang, "Portraits of a Y-family polymerase: error-prone and
lesion-bypass synthesis"
14:45 Alan Lehmann, "Replication of damaged DNA in human cells"
15:30 Coffee
16:00 Bruce Stillman, "Duplicating the genomes of eukaryotes"
16:45 Natalie Ahn, "Proteomics and signal transduction"
17:30 Session closed
18:00 Bus to Leksand
18:30 Swedish organ musik in Leksand's church. Henrik Alinder. Buffet dinner in Leksand's art museum. Presentation by the director.
21:00 Return to Åkerblad's by bus
Sept. 12 Chromatin structure and transcription (Chair: A. Klug)
09:00 Aaron Klug
A. Recent biomedical insights of gene regulation by zinc fingers
B. Introduction to chromatin
09:30 Karolin Luger, "Chromatin structure and dynamics"
10:15 Coffee
10:45 Roger Kornberg, "RNA polymerase II transcription: structure and
11:30 Joan Conaway, "RNA polymerase II transcriptional regulatory
12:15 Robert G. Roeder, "Integrated functions of diverse transcriptional coactivators on recombinant chromatin templates"
13:00 Lunch
  Transport (Chair: G. von Heijne)
14:00 Günther Blobel, "Traffic into the nucleus"
14:45 Arthur E. Johnson, "Nascent chain folding regulates ribosomal interactions at the ER membrane"
15:30 Coffee
16:00 Peter Walter, "Mechanism of SRP-dependent protein targeting"
16:45 Stephen Cusack, "Structure of the /Alu/ domain from an archaebacterial signal recognition particle"
17:30 Roland Beckmann, "A structural view of cotranslational protein targeting"
  Imaging (Chair: S. Forsén)
20:00 Roger Y. Tsien, "Building molecules to spy on cells and tumors"
20:45 Wolfgang Baumeister, "Exploring the inner space of cells by cryoelectron
Sept. 13 Translation (Chair: A. Liljas and A. Gräslund)
09:00 Stephen Cusack, "Error correction by aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases:
leucyl-tRNA synthetase and prolyl-tRNA synthetase"
09:45 Marina Rodnina, "Substrate selection and catalysis by the ribosome"
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Carol Robinson, "A mass spectrometry investigation of the complexes
involved in translation"
11:45 Ada Yonath, "The spectacular ribosomal architecture: positional catalysis,
tunnel mobility and antibiotics synergism"
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Venki Ramakrishnan, "Mechanistic insights into decoding of mRNA from crystal structures of the 30S subunit"
14:45 Tom Steitz, "Structural insights into the peptidyl-transferase reaction and
antibiotic resistance in the 50S subunit"
15:30 Coffee
16:00 Måns Ehrenberg, "Ribosomal GTP games"
16:45 Joachim Frank, "The process of decoding and accommodation -- insights from cryo-EM snapshots"
19:00 Conference dinner. Folk music entertainment.
Sept. 14 Departure or excursion
  Two alternatives:
  1. The home and the museum of the painter Anders Zorn (1860-1920), Mora
  2. Karin and Carl Larsson, Sundborn
Sept. 15 Late departure


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