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 Contract: Determinants, Properties and Implications
(1990, NS 77) Lars Werin, Ingemar Ståhl, August 17-20, Saltsjöbadens Hotel, Saltsjöbaden, Proceedings: Lars Werin, Hans Wijkander; Contract Economics, 1992, Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, UK

(No longer in print.)


Table of Contents  
Contributors vii
Introduction Lars Werin and Hans Wijkander 1
The Arrow-Debreu Paradigm Faced with Modern Theories of Contracting: a Discussion of Selected Issues Involving Information and Time
Roger Guesnerie
Comments by Lars Werin 42
On the New Institutional Economics
Steven N. S. Cheung
Comments by Gary S. Becker 66
Comments by Ronald H. Coase 72
Legal Contract Theories and Incomplete Contracts
Alan Schwartz
Comments by Jean Tirole 109
Understanding the Structure of Village and Regional Economies
Robert M. Townsend
Comments by Armen A. Alchian 139
Comments by Thrainn Eggertsson 143
Contracts and Incentives: the Role of Contract Terms in Assuring Performance
Benjamin Klein
Comments by William H. Meckling 173
Comments by John Moore 176
Contracts and the Market for Executives
Sherwin Rosen
Comments by Bengt Holmstrom 212
Financial Intermediation, Equilibrium Credit Rationing, and Business Cycles
Hans Wijkander
Comments by Patrick Bolton 240
Comments by Oliver Hart 244
Specific and General Knowledge, and Organizational Structure
Michael C. Jensen and William H. Meckling
Comments by Harold Demsetz 275
Comments by Oliver E. Williamson 282
Contract Theory and Macroeconomic Fluctuations
Joseph E. Stiglitz
Comments by Nils Gottfries 323
Comments by Robert E. Hall 328
Panel Discussion 332
Remarks by Ronald H. Coase 332
Remarks by Robert E. Hall 336
Remarks by Oliver Hart 341
Index 351


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