Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1998
John Hume, David Trimble

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John Hume - Interview

Interview, August 2006

Interview with John Hume by freelance journalist Marika Griehsel in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 31 August 2006.

John Hume talks about the Nobel Peace Prize; the Good Friday Agreement and Downing Street declaration (2:37); growing up in poverty (5:02) and the importance of education (6:00) at large and in the third world; the Northern Ireland peace process, talks with the IRA (7:32); the Anglo-Irish Agreement (9:05); Hume's philosophy of peace (14:30) and his principles of peace (17:02); the European Union and its contribution to peace in Europe (16:20); Martin Luther King as a source of inspiration (18:50); the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland (18:57); similarities to the peace process in South Africa (21:58); the crucial importance of dialogue in conflict resolution (25:21).

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26 min.

Transcript of the Interview with John Hume


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