Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2002
Raymond Davis Jr., Masatoshi Koshiba, Riccardo Giacconi

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Raymond Davis Jr's experiments
Masatoshi Koshiba, Kamiokande, Super-Kamiokande
Riccardo Giacconi, X-ray astronomy
Associated Universities Inc.
Introduction in English (pdf)
To read the text you need Acrobat Reader.
Pictures from the Chandra Telescope
About the Satellite observatories
"Exploring the Universe – A Festschrift in Honor of Riccardo Giacconi". (H. Gursky & R. Ruffini, eds.) Rome, Italy, October 1997. World Scientific Publishing Company. Advanced Series in Astrophysics and Cosmology, Vol. 13. ISBN 981-02-4423-1.
"The X-ray Universe". Tucker, W. & Giacconi, R., 1985. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass.
"X-rays from the edge of infinity", Nature, 6 september 2001, 413:25-26.
"X-rays reveal the Galaxy's centre", Nature, 10 januari 2002, 415:128-129.
"Black Holes Reveal Their Innermost Secrets", Science, 9 augusti 2002, 297:947-948.
Neutrino astronomy
"Picking up the pieces". Nature, 14 mars 2002, 416:118–119.
"Let’s catch some rays". Nature, 5 september 2002, 419:12–14.
In Swedish
"Gåtan om solens neutriner äntligen löst". Forskning&Framsteg, nr 6/2002, sid. 7.
"Iskub på sydpolen". Forskning&Framsteg, nr. 4/2002, sid. 4.
"Neutrino – en spöklik budbärare från rymden". Forskning&Framsteg, nr. 6/1995,
sid. 9–14.
"När en stjärna dör". Forskning&Framsteg, nr 6/2002, sid. 50.
"Stjärnor av kvarkar". Forskning&Framsteg, nr 5/2002, sid. 6.
"Chandra har hittat spöklika tomrum". Forskning&Framsteg, nr 3/2002, sid. 49.
"Det svarta i de svarta hålen". Forskning&Framsteg, nr 3/2001, sid. 49.
"Rymden i röntgen". Forskning&Framsteg, nr 1/2000, sid. 53.


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