Wollert Konow

Short biography

Konow, Wollert

1845 – 1924
Teacher, farmer and politician

As a young man, Wollert Konow studied law but he never got a degree. From 1868 he ran a school in the countryside in western Norway. In 1878 he took over his father’s farm outside Bergen, Norway’s second largest city. Soon after, he became engaged in politics.

Konow was a member of the Storting in 1880-1888, 1898-1900 and in 1910-1912. He served as President of the Odelsting in 1884-1888 and was President of the Storting in 1898-1900 and in 1912. He was Norwegian Prime Minister in 1910 until 1912.

Wollert Konow was a Norwegian delegate to the Peace Conference at the Hague in 1899. As deputy member, he acted as a substitute for Hagerup in the final meeting of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in 1920. He was a full member of the committee in 1922-1924.

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