Kip Thorne is overcome with emotion while looking at an image of fellow laureate Albert Einstein.

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Inspiring a global audience

The Nobel Prize has a strong global digital presence with a mission to inform, inspire and engage an ever-growing audience. The website, which was launched in 1994, is a vast source for official information on all the prizes and Nobel Prize laureates, the prize-awarding institutions and the prize nomination process, as well as outreach activities in the form of event highlights and educational material.

A strong editorial focus on social media and storytelling over the last years has substantially strengthened the digital presence of the Nobel Prize. The Nobel Prize is now present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. The current audience of the Nobel Prize digital channels can be described as a curious and fact-savvy group. Some of the biggest user-bases are from India, USA, Pakistan, Brazil and Japan. The main age group is 18–35.

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The organisation

The Nobel Foundation has ultimate responsibility for fulfilling the intentions in Alfred Nobel’s will.

Flower decorations at the 2016 Nobel Prize award ceremony

Flower decorations by Florist Helén Magnusson at the Nobel Prize award ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall, 10 December 2016.

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The organisation

Alfred Nobel specifically designated the institutions responsible for choosing laureates for each prize.

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The 2017 Nobel Prize award ceremony

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