The Nobel Banquet 2011

The 2011 Nobel Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics

Professor Saul Perlmutter
Professor Brian P. Schmidt
Professor Adam G. Riess

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Professor Dan Shechtman

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Professor Bruce A. Beutler
Professor Jules A. Hoffmann
Professor Ralph M. Steinman

The Nobel Prize in Literature

Author Tomas Tranströmer

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel

Professor Thomas J. Sargent
Professor Christopher A. Sims


The guests of honour enter in procession

His Majesty’s toast is proposed by MD h.c. Marcus Storch,
Chairman of the Board of the Nobel Foundation

A toast to Alfred Nobel’s memory is proposed by
His Majesty the King


Romeo & Julia Kören
of the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm


Songe XI Loys – Carl Jonas Love Almqvist


Songe IV Rosalduna – Carl Jonas Love Almqvist
Songe XLIX Vandringssång – Carl Jonas Love Almqvist


Songe VI Herdarna i Chamouni – Carl Jonas Love Almqvist
Dame, Se Vous M’estes – Guillame De Machaut
Slängpolska Efter Byss-Kalle

Students from the Swedish universities and colleges,
bearing the standards of their student unions, pay homage to the Laureates

Speeches by Laureates

The guests of honour rise from the table and leave in procession

Dancing in the Golden Hall

Artistic Managers

Director Benoît Malmberg, Romeo & Julia Kören • Concept Benoît Malmberg, Romeo & Julia Kören
Costume Design Camilla Thulin • Tailoring Anders Di Marco, Thomas Nordin, Reza Ismaili, Pavlo Blinov,
Niklas Wellbäck, Woicjciech Krakowinski • Set Design Jan Lundberg, the Royal Dramatic Theatre of
Stockholm • Decorations Scene Shop of the Royal Dramatic Theatre of Stockholm • Back Drop Painting
by Marcus Larsson (1825–1864) • Makeup and Wig Design Robin Karlsson • Makeup Robin Karlsson,
Anna Andersson, Elisabeth Karlsson • Musical Arrangements Samuel Johansson • Choreography Nathalie
Nordquist • Producers (Romeo & Julia Kören) Anja Nordahl, Urban Wedin • Floral Designer Gunnar Kaj
Lighting Designer Per Sundin • Sound Designer Lars Wern • Organist Mattias Wager
Trumpeters Olle and Mikael Hermansen • Toastmaster Martin Stensen • Dance Orchestra Trombo Combo

The flowers are graciously provided by Provincia di Imperia-Riviera dei Fiori-Sanremo (Italy)


Homard en cocotte sur lit de légumes d’hiver au vinaigre
et purée de topinambours

Pintade accompagnée de cèpes et airelles, d’oignons grelots
et racines de persil, sauce veloutée

Mousse aux mandarines et chocolat blanc sur fond de cannelle,

garnie de framboises fraîches et en pâte de fruits


Champagne Fourny
Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru

Gary Farrell, Russian River Valley
Pinot Noir 2008

Moscato D’Asti, La Caliera 2010
Borgo Maragliano

Grönstedts VO

Facile Punsch

Eau Minérale Stenkulla Brunn

Stadshuskällaren/Profilrestauranger en Collaboration avec
Malin Söderström, Moderna Museet, et Magnus Johansson, Bakery & Pastry


Nathalie Nordquist Prima Ballerina of the Royal Swedish Ballet,
Camilo Ge Bresky Dancer, Artist

Romeo & Julia Kören – RJK

the Royal Dramatic Theatre of Stockholm

Britta Ingmarsdotter soprano, Johanna Tibblin soprano, Paula Helander soprano,
Jenny Rosén Wedin alto, Malin Sternbrink alto, Mia Ternström alto,
Mathias Nordström tenor, Stefan Boström tenor, Urban Wedin tenor,
Alfred Granberg bass, Joakim Sikberg bass, Magnus Ringström bass,
Martin Ahlvin bass, Pierre Nordahl guitar, percussion


Smålands Musik & Teater in Jönköping

Mart Hallek violin I, Jacob de Verdier violin II, Igor Viktorovitch viola
Håkan Molander cello, Anders Gerhardsson doublebass


Loys by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist (1793–1866)*

Rosalduna by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist (1793–1866)*

Vandringssång by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist (1793–1866)*

Herdarne i Chamonie by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist (1793–1866)*

Myhrhalling by Anders Myhr (1843–1945)**

Dame, se vous m’estes by Guillame de Machaut (1300–1377)***

Slängpolska by Byss-Kalle (1783–1847)****

* Arrangement by Samuel Johansson
** Arrangement by Per Åke Wennerberg
*** Arrangement by Romeo & Julia Kören, String Arrangement by Samuel Johansson
**** Arrangement by Gittan Glans

Copyright © The Nobel Foundation 2011

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