The will of Alfred Nobel.

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To the greatest benefit to humankind since 1900

The Nobel Prize rewards science, humanism and peace efforts. This is one of the central concepts in the will of Alfred Nobel, and it also permeates the outreach activities that have been developed for the purpose of engaging, inspiring and spreading knowledge about the Nobel Prize as well as the discoveries and achievements of the laureates.

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Nobel Prize nominations

In September every year, people who fulfil the criteria set out by the prize awarding institutions are allowed to nominate candidates for the Nobel Prize.

Hundreds or thousands of nominations are received every year from members of academies, university professors, scientists, previous Nobel Prize laureates, members of parliamentary assemblies and more.  

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Who we are and what we do

The Nobel Foundation has ultimate responsibility for fulfilling the intentions in Alfred Nobel’s will. There are several outreach organisations and activities that have been developed to inspire generations and disseminate knowledge about the Nobel Prize through events, exhibitions, educational efforts and digital outreach.
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Questions and answers

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The Nobel Prize medal.

The Nobel Prize medal.

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