Proclamation sent to Leo Tolstoy after the 1901 year’s presentation of Nobel Prizes

To Leo Tolstoy:
With regard to the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Literature for the first time, we, the undersigned authors, artists, and critics, wish to express our admiration for you. In specific, we see in your person not only the most revered patriarch of today’s literature, but also for us the greatest and most profound poet who, in our opinion, should have been the first to be thought of, even if you yourself never strove for this sort of reward. We feel ourselves very much called upon to let you know that, as a consequence of its current membership, we consider the institution which has control over said Prize reflects neither the view of the artists nor of public opinion. It must not be other countries’ impression that art which comes from free-thinkers and freely creative persons, even among our remotely residing citizens, is not appreciated as of the finest quality and of a status greater than all others.


George Nordensvan
Gustaf Janson
August Strindberg
P. Staaff
Per Hallström
Axel Lundegård
Oscar Levertin
Gustaf af Geijerstam
Karl-Erik Forsslund
Hilma Angered-Strandberg
Ellen Key
Hellen Lindgren
Nils Kreuger
Anders Zorn
Acke Andersson
Karl Nordström
Robert Thegerström
Albert Engström
Carl Larsson
Andreas Hallén
Wilhelm Peterson-Berger

Selma Lagerlöf
Otto Sylwan
Sven Söderman
Tor Hedberg
Klas Fåhraeus
Verner v. Heidenstam
Henning Berger
Hjalmar Söderberg
Daniel Fallström
Henning v. Melsted
Edv. Alkman
Georg Pauli
Richard Bergh
Christian Eriksson
Oscar Björck
Eugène Jansson
Gustaf Wickman
Bruno Liljefors
Emil Sjögren
Wilh. Stenhammar
Tor Aulin

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