The Nobel Banquet 2013

The 2013 Nobel Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics

Professor Emeritus François Englert
Professor Emeritus Peter W. Higgs

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Professor Emeritus Martin Karplus
Professor Michael Levitt
Professor Arieh Warshel

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Professor James E. Rothman
Professor Randy W. Schekman
Professor Thomas C. Südhof

The Nobel Prize in Literature

Author Alice Munro

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel

Professor Eugene F. Fama
Professor Lars Peter Hansen
Professor Robert J. Shiller


The guests of honour enter in procession

His Majesty’s toast is proposed by Professor Carl-Henrik Heldin,
Chairman of the Board of the Nobel Foundation

A toast to Alfred Nobel’s memory is proposed by
His Majesty the King








Students from the Swedish universities and colleges,
bearing the standards of their student unions, pay homage to the Laureates

Speeches by Laureates

The guests of honour rise from the table and leave in procession

Dancing in the Golden Hall

Artistic Managers

Production Divine
Caroline Gentele, Gabriella Lambert-Olsson and Jacqueline Miura
Director Ingela Lundh
Divertissement based on the play Näktergalarna by
Cecilia Sidenbladh and adapted by Divine
Music Producer Anders Neglin
Costume, Hair and Make Up Design Gunilla Petterson
Movement Instruction Bétina Marcolin
Tailor Bitte Palm
Milliner Michaela Adamec
Trumpet Chiara Re
Tenor Göran Eliasson
Choir Stockholms Studentsångare SSSF
Conductor Pelle Olofson
Video Projections Visual Relief
Johannes Ferm Winkler and Per Johansson

Floral Designer Gunnar Kaj
Lighting Designer Per Sundin
Sound Designer Lars Wern
Organist Mattias Wager
Trumpeters Olle and Mikael Hermansen
Toastmaster Emma Johansson
Dance Orchestra Casino Royale Orchestra

The flowers are graciously provided by
The Chamber of Commerce of Imperia and the Town of Sanremo

Video Projections by Visual Relief with
courtesy of Panasonic and Informationsteknik


Mosaïque de pintade et variation de carottes aux truffes de Gotland,
duxelle de chanterelles et mayonnaise aux truffes

Coupole de turbot farcie de langoustines accompagnée d’une tartelette au fromage blanc et épinards,
surmontée d’une langoustine, chou chinois en terrine,
sauce aux langoustines et purée de pommes de terre “Almond”

Silhouette au chocolat et explosion de nougat et argousiers


Champagne Gaston Chiquet Cuvée Tradition
Brut Premier Cru

Château l’Hospitalet La Reserve Rouge 2011
Coteaux du Languedoc la Clape

Nivole Moscato d’Asti 2012
Michele Chiarlo

Grönstedts VO

Facile Punsch

Eau Minérale Stenkulla Brunn

Stadshusrestauranger en collaboration avec les Chefs Andreas Hedlund et Fredrik Björlin
ainsi qu’avec les PâtissiersTed Johansson et Conrad Tyrsén, Dessert & Choklad Stockholm


Guinea hen mosaic, carrot variation with Gotland truffle
and chanterelle duxelle with truffle mayonnaise

Turbot cupola stuffed with Norwegian lobster,
tartelette with lobster on a bed of cream cheese and spinach,
pointed cabbage terrine, lobster sauce and almond potato purée

Chocolate silhouette with nougat and sea buckthorn explosion


Champagne Gaston Chiquet Cuvée Tradition
Brut Premier Cru

Château l’Hospitalet La Reserve Rouge 2011
Coteaux du Languedoc la Clape

Nivole Moscato d’Asti 2012
Michele Chiarlo

Grönstedts VO

Facile Punsch

Eau Minérale Stenkulla Brunn

Stadshusrestauranger in collaboration with Chefs Andreas Hedlund and Fredrik Björlin
as well as Pastry Chefs Ted Johansson and Conrad Tyrsén, Dessert & Choklad Stockholm

Divine – The Opera Trio

Divine – The Opera Trio consists of the three sopranos Caroline Gentele, Gabriella Lambert-Olsson and Jacqueline Miura. Since Divine’s celebrated 2007 debut at the Stockholm Water Prize Ceremony, they have sung their way into the hearts of many. Their appearances include performances at Dalhalla Fireworks Concert, the Polar Prize Award Ceremony, the Stockholm Pride Festival, as well as on the popular televised show Allsång på Skansen. They have performed with orchestras such as the Dala Sinfonietta, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra and the Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble. In 2012, they toured Sweden with A Divine taste of opera – a critically acclaimed tribute to singing, motherhood and life itself. Divine’s international appearances include performances in Norway, Denmark, Estonia and most recently in New York, USA. The trio’s mission is to spread classical music to a variety of audiences with their immediate plans including Christmas concerts together with the Stockholm University Singers SSSF followed by performances of Cecilia Sidenbladh’s play Näktergalarna (“The Nightingales”) in its entirety.

The Nightingales

Jenny Lind, Christina Nilsson and Signe Hebbe were three highly successful Swedish opera singers who began their careers at a very early age and came to perform all over the world. They were contemporaries of Alfred Nobel and both Jenny Lind and Christina Nilsson left a great amount of money towards scholarships for young singers that still exist today, whilst Signe Hebbe founded a famous school for singers as well as actors.

Jenny Lind (1820–1887), often known as the “Swedish Nightingale”, was one of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century. After an extraordinarily popular concert tour in America, the deeply religious Jenny retired from the stage appalled by the trend to portray light-footed operatic female characters like Violetta in La Traviata as heroines.

Christina Nilsson (1843–1921) started to sing and play the violin at markets to help support her family. When poverty struck and the family was thrown off its farm, the then five-year-old Christina vowed to buy it back. In the midst of her career, she fulfilled her promise. Her love of folk music and the violin lived with her, long after her praised Paris debut – as Violetta in La Traviata.

Signe Hebbe (1837–1925) started to study music at the age of eleven. She had her first engagement as an opera singer in Lyon in 1861. She was regarded as an extremely expressive actress and wonderful singer. Despite that, she had great difficulty finding parts in Paris since Christina Nilsson did everything in her power to stop her.

Act I – Origin

The three young singers begin their careers by performing Swedish folksongs, which they continue to sing throughout their operatic careers abroad.

Act II – Passion

The Divas return to Stockholm from abroad to sing at the Royal Opera House, invited by the Opera Director. Upon realising that they are all three at the same place, the drama begins …

Act III – Reconciliation

In a divine dimension, the three sopranos have found peace, they praise the future and the beautiful evening.

“Anthem for all mankind”
Music: Henrik Janson Arr: Pelle Olofson Lyrics: Miura Daszak

The Nightingales Cast

Jenny Lind – Caroline Gentele
Signe Hebbe – Gabriella Lambert-Olsson
Christina Nilsson – Jacqueline Miura
The Opera Director – Göran Eliasson
Alfred Nobel – Rickard Engqvist
Entourage/Choir – Stockholms Studentsångare SSSF
conducted by Pelle Olofson:

Tenor 1
Daniel Nyström
Gunnar Lande
Martin Levenius
Mattis Sunesson
Mikael Ärlehag
Patrik Ekenbark
Paul Girgensohn
Pär Jonasson

Tenor 2
Bernhard Smedberg
Carl Wilhelmsson
Erik Lindblad
Johannes Löwén
Jonas Aldén
Lars Wickenberg
Mattias Lundström
Nils Alwall
Søren Westerberg
Tobias Ehlert

Bass 1
Anders Larsson
Andreas Sigfridsson
Johan Kuhlau
Johan Walter
Johan Wåhlén
Jonas Ekman
Kimmo Brundin
Lars-Åke Hedström
Mathias Andersson
Peter Linder
Stefan Åberg

Bass 2
Anders Norell Bergendahl
Andreas Novotny
Carl Stenport
David Stålhane
Fredrik Krause
Lars Annernäs
Morten Fiskvik
Per Wennerholm
Peter Smith
Tomas Jönsson
Tomas Mårtenson

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