Nobel Prize Dialogue

Water Matters

23 October 2022, Tokyo

This Nobel Prize Dialogue explored the myriad ways that water interacts with life on earth – and how we can protect this most precious resource.

At ‘Water Matters’ we gathered multidimensional voices from the world of water, including Nobel Prize laureates, environmentalists and scientists for urgent conversations on how to maximise creativity to approach the mission of being wise stewards of our planet’s water for the sake of generations to come.

The series of discussions questioned how technology and water management systems can help ensure equitable distribution in the future. How can we tackle the devastating consequences of water pollution – both in fresh water resources and in our deep, relatively unexplored oceans? How do we protect ourselves against the floods that are becoming an increasingly present danger to people worldwide?

Speakers included: Peter Agre, 2003 Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry; Amano Hiroshi, 2014 Nobel Prize laureate in physics; Tim Hunt, 2001 Nobel Prize laureate in physiology or medicine; Konstantin Novoselov, 2010 Nobel Prize laureate in physics; Dan Shechtman, 2011 Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry and Kurt Wüthrich, 2002 Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry.

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