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This is a step-by-step timetable for a Nobel Prize Lesson – a complete lesson package about the Nobel Prize and sustainable development. The lesson takes about 50 minutes to complete.
Teacher’s guide, printable pdf-version.

The Swedish version of this lesson can be found on the Nobel Prize Museum’s website.


Make sure that the slide show and the video work in your classroom. There are four
different student worksheets, each focusing on one theme connected to sustainable
development. Make copies of them in such a way that a fourth of your students receive
the theme “Protecting the Planet”, a fourth receive the theme “Saving Lives” and so on.

Warm-up (5 min)

Ask your students the following questions:
• What is the Nobel Prize?
• Why is it called the Nobel Prize?
• Are you familiar with any Nobel Laureate?

Screen the video about Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize (5 min)

Present the slide show (10 min)

Present the slide show with the help of the speaker’s manuscript. Stop at the question on
Slide 3 and let your students think about it individually or together with a classmate for a minute or so. Let those students who want to do so respond to the question in front of the whole class.

Slide show (pdf 2,7 Mb)
Speaker’s manuscript (pdf)

Work with student assignments (20 min)

Distribute the various student worksheets in such a way that a fourth of your students receive the theme “Protecting the Planet”, a fourth receive “Saving Lives” and so on. Explain that they are working with different themes. Let the students perform their assignment individually and then discuss it with the nearest classmate who is working with the same theme.

Student worksheet “Saving lives” (pdf 200 kb)
Student worksheet “Feeding Humanity” (pdf 200 kb)
Student worksheet “Protecting the Planet” (pdf 200 kb)
Student worksheet “Connecting the World” (pdf 200 kb)

Reporting (about 10 min)

Let at least one pair of students per theme report on their responses to the questions.



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