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Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1980
James Cronin, Val Fitch

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Val Fitch - Interview

Interview, March 2009

Interview with the 1980 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Val Fitch, 17 March 2009. The interviewer is Adam Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Val Fitch begins by sharing his experiences as a child growing up in Gordon, Nebraska, his work as a young army technician on the Manhattan Project (8:51), witnessing the Trinity Test (18:05), and his work as a graduate student for Nobel Laureate James Rainwater (24:50). He then discusses his discovery of CP-violation (32:17), future areas of scientific exploration (38:28), table-top experiments in physics (44:40), and concludes by returning to his memories of the many great scientific minds assembled at Los Alamos (50:21).

See a Video of the Interview
56 min.


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