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Further reading

More information about the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2007 can be found on:
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
The Nobel Museum
Kopplung macht den Wiederstand by Peter Grünberg, Physik Journal 9/2007
Giant steps with tiny magnets by Agnes Barthélémy and Albert Fert et al, Physics World Nov. 1994
Spintronics by Dirk Grundler, Physics World April 2002
Giant Magnetoresistance of (001)Fe/(001)cr Magnetic superlattices by M.N. Baibich et al., Physical Review Letters Vol. 61, No. 21 (1988). (Albert Fert's original article)
Enhanced magnetoresistance in layered magnetic structures with antiferromagnetic interlayer exchange by G. Binasch et al, Physical Review B, Vol. 39, No. 7 (1989). (Peter Grünberg's original article)


Presentation of GMR-technology on IBM's website (background, graphics and animations):

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