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Nominee(s) Nominator(s)  
Francesco Pentimalli I Nasso Show »
James Wilfred Cook
Sir Ernest Lawrence Kennaway
J Maisin Show »
Hans Berger L Benedek Show »
Adolf Bickel C Kemal Show »
Hendrik Dam A Simonart Show »
Joseph Erlanger
Herbert Gasser
Wendell Stanley
Hans Winterstein Show »
Wendell Stanley E Balogh Show »
F Gibbs
William Lennox
L Benedek Show »
John Northrop
Wendell Stanley
Albert Imre Szent-Györgyi Show »
Albert Ancel
Pol Bouin
J Weber Show »
Hendrik Dam
Walter Hess
Bernardo Alberto Houssay
Corneille Heymans Show »
B von Borries
Ernst August Friedrich Ruska
Luigi Villa Show »
Herbert Evans E Laqueur Show »
Wendell Stanley S Oberndorfer Show »
Wendell Stanley S Wolbach Show »
Georges de Morsier
Raoul de Seigneux
C Ladame Show »
Upendranath Brahmachari U Basu Show »
Upendranath Brahmachari M Bose Show »
Upendranath Brahmachari S Mahalanobis Show »
Upendranath Brahmachari Sudhamoy Ghosh Show »
Upendranath Brahmachari C Bose Show »
Wendell Stanley R Lal Show »
Walter Cannon Otto Loewi Show »
Rudolf Schoenheimer Hugo Theorell Show »
Herbert Evans
Bernardo Alberto Houssay
A Beznak Show »
Joseph Erlanger
Herbert Gasser
John Eyster
Walter Meek Show »
Conrad Elvehjem
Harry Goldblatt
Irvine Page
Walter Meek Show »
Joseph Erlanger
Herbert Gasser
John Eyster
Arthur Tatum Show »
Conrad Elvehjem
Harry Goldblatt
Irvine Page
Arthur Tatum Show »
Oswald Theodore Avery
Michael Heidelberger
P Clark Show »
Wendell Stanley Henry Christian Show »

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Nobel Prizes and laureates

Eleven laureates were awarded a Nobel Prize in 2023, for achievements that have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind. Their work and discoveries range from effective mRNA vaccines and attosecond physics to fighting against the oppression of women.

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