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Nomination for Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Number:60 - 0
Nominee 1:
Name:Christiaan E Eijkman
Year, Birth:1858
Year, Death:1930
Profession:prof hygiene
University:Utrecht University
Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1929
Nominee 2:
Name:Gerrit Grijns
Profession:prof physiology
University:Wageningen University
Motivation:C. Eijkman: Foundation of the field of vitamin research, especially through the discovery of polyneuritis gallinarum. G. Grijns: Foundation of the field of vitamin research, especially through the introduction of the term "partial hunger".
Name:W M de Vries
Profession:prof pathology
University:University of Amsterdam
Comments: E. Hédon was covered in the same evaluation. C. Eijkman and G. Grijns were nominated by the following professors from the faculty of the University of Amsterdam: A. H. M. J. van Rooy, prof obstetrics and gynecology P. Ruitinga, prof internal medicine W. Noordenbos, prof surgery K. H. Bouman, prof psychiatry B. Brouwer, prof neurology L. Bolk, prof anatomy G. van Rijnberk, prof psychology H. Burger, prof otopathy S. Mendez da Costa, prof dermatology J. J.van Loghem, prof bacteriology and hygiene O. Lanz, prof surgery W. Schüffner, prof tropical hygiene M. H. Woerdman, prof histology E. P. Snijders, prof tropical medicine

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