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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:4 - 1
Name:Sir Ralph Norman Angell Lane
Year, Birth:1872
Year, Death:1967
Profession:Journalist, editor, author and lecturer.
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1933
Motivation:Angell advocated peace, pacifism and international understanding. He had written "The Great Illusion" (1910), in which he claimed that it was an illusion that war could be profitable to a nation, and he maintained that this illusion was going to lead Europe into a state of war. Angell also wrote "America and The New World-State"(1912), "The World's Highway" (1916) and several other works. "The Unseen Assassins" (1932) described nationalism as the greatest threat to world peace.
Name:Arthur Henderson
Year, Birth:1863
Year, Death:1935
Profession:Member of the British parliament. Chairman of the UN Disarmament Conference (1932-1934).
Comments: The nomination of Angell received overwhelming support, especially in the USA. Some of his political companions had initiated a campaign in favour of his candidacy, led by F.S. Cocks and Lord Snowden (members of the British parliament). A man called Mr. Wrench sent circulars (a motivation based on the book "Unseen Assassins") around the world. Henderson was also one of the nominators that nominated the Spanish Parliament this year. He suggested that Angell and the Spanish Parliament were separately awarded the two available prizes (the reserved prize for 1932 and the prize for 1933). In 1934 Angell received the reserved Nobel Peace Prize for 1933.

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