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Nomination for Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Number:56 - 12
Name:Élie Metchnikoff
Year, Birth:1845
Year, Death:1916
Profession:(vice) director
University:Pasteur Institute (Institut Pasteur)
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1908
Motivation:His work in cellular physiology and general pathology, especially his studies of phagocytosis. The summary of Mechnikov´s work as described in his publication "L´immunité" (Annales de l´Institut Pasteur, 1901).
Name:Napoleon Cybulsci
Profession:Prof physiology
City:Krakow (Cracow)
Country:POLAND (PL)
Comments: The following 13 professors from the University of Krakow made a joint nomination of I. Mechnikov: See entry 56-0. Ch. de Klecki; Edw. Korczynski; Tadeusz Brawicz, prof pathological anatomy; Odo Bujwid, prof hygiene, University of Jagellone; Casimir Kostanechi, prof anatomy, University of Krakow; Mathior Jakubowski, prof pediatrics; Bolislaw Wicherkiewicz, prof ophthalmology, University of Krakow; Leo Wachholz, prof forensic medicine; Bronislas Kader, prof surgery; Joseph Lazarski, prof pharmacology; Henri Jordan, prof gynecology; Ales. Stopzanski, prof medical chemistry; Napoleon Cybulsci, prof physiology.

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