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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:16 - 1
Name:Carlos Saavedra Lamas
Year, Birth:1878
Year, Death:1959
Profession:Professor of International Law and Labor Law. Foreign Minister (1932-38).
City:Buenos Aires
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1936
Motivation:When Saavedra Lamas became foreign minister in 1932 he brought Argentina back into active participation in the League of Nations. Saavedra Lamas drafted the Antiwar Pact of 1934, and it was signed by Italy, USA and 14 Latin-American countries. The Antiwar Pact of 1934 was intended as a means to secure an armistice in the Gran Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay. It condemned all forms of aggressive war, and any territorial change not effected by peaceful means was not to be recognized. Saavedra Lamas persuaded the foreign ministers of Bolivia and Paraguay to participate in the sessions of a conciliation commission he had formed, and on June 12 1935, the two foreign ministers signed protocols ending the hostilities between Bolivia and Paraguay.
Name:Ernesto Rostelli
Profession:Professor of Law (Jurisprudence)
University:University of Buenos Aires
City:Buenos Aires
Comments: Saavedra Lamas was president of the League of Nations Assembly in 1936.