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Nomination for Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Number:19 - 0
Nominee 1:
Name:George de Hevesy
Year, Birth:1885
Year, Death:1966
Country:HUNGARY (HU)
Awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1943
Nominee 2:
Name:Georges Urbain
Year, Birth:1872
Year, Death:1938
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Name:Frédéric Joliot
Year, Birth:1900
Year, Death:1958
Profession:previous winner of a Nobel prize in chemistry, 1935
University:Radium Institute (Institut du Radium)
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Comments: The nomiation was divided between G. de Hevesy and G. Urbain. de Hevesy received the 1943 prize in chemistry in 1944.

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