The Nobel Prizes/Les Prix Nobel

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The Nobel Prizes is the official yearbook of the Nobel Foundation.

Since 1901 the Nobel Foundation has annually published a series of yearbooks, Les Prix Nobel (1901-2010) and The Nobel Prizes (2012–). The publication was paused 2011.

The yearbook includes the Nobel Prize laureates’ lectures and autobiographies, as well as presentation speeches. In the earlier years it was published in the language in which they were presented. Later years, the yearbook was published only in English.

The Nobel Foundation has the copyright to all the materials in Les Prix Nobel/The Nobel Prizes.

Contact information


Professor Karl Grandin
Director of the Center for History of Science
at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Box 50005, SE-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden
e-mail: [email protected]

Les Prix Nobel 1901–2010

Publisher: The Nobel Foundation
To order copies, please contact
Anne Miche de Malleray,
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
e-mail: [email protected]
Some years out of print/sold out.

The Nobel Prizes: 2012–2016

Publisher: Science History Publications/Watson Publishing International
To order copies, please contact
Science History Publications/USA
The Nobel Prizes 2016 is out of print.

The Nobel Prizes: 2017–

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing
To order copies, please contact
World Scientific

World Scientific Publishing also publish the book series Nobel Lectures. (

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