Nobel Prize Teacher Summit

The Nobel Prize Teacher Summit is an international teacher conference where teachers from over 30 countries meet Nobel Laureates, top scientists and peace activists to discuss a theme of great importance in education.

The world is facing severe threats such as climate change, war and conflicts, lack of human rights, inequalities, science denial and extremism. But the Nobel Prize shows that brilliant ideas, science, compassion and hard work can improve the world. Teachers, and the profession of teaching, are crucial to promoting this.

The first Nobel Prize Teacher Summit was held in 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden with the theme – ‘A world with fake facts needs true teachers!’ – focusing on how education can be more based on science and facts in order to vaccinate our students against populism, alarmism and disinformation. In 2018, the theme was ‘Teach Love and Understanding’ and focused on how schools can counter racism, extremism and intolerance. In 2019, the Stockholm Summit theme was ‘Climate Change Changes Everything’ focusing on how we teach our students important knowledge about climate change without creating fear or anxiety. Teachers have participated from over 30 different countries, for example the US, Vietnam, Bolivia, Belarus and Zimbabwe.

Over the last years, we have arranged a Teacher Summit in India in conjunction with other international Nobel Prize events where we gather up to 1,700 teachers from the region.

Learn more about the summits at the Nobel Prize Museum’s website.

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