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Nobel Prize lessons – Ales Bialiatski, Memorial and the Center for Civil Liberties

The 2022 Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to Ales Bialiatski from Belarus, the Russian human rights organisation Memorial and the Ukrainian human rights organisation Center for Civil Liberties. The laureates have been selected for their work to promote human rights, democracy and peaceful coexistence in the neighbouring countries of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. They have stood up for the right to criticize the powerful and in defence of the fundamental rights of citizens. Together they demonstrate how important civil society is for peace and democracy.

This is a ready to use Nobel Prize lesson on the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize, developed in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. The lesson is designed to take 45 minutes and includes a slideshow with a speaker’s manuscript, a video and a student assignment.

1. Show the slideshow (15 min)

Show the slides, using the speaker’s manuscript.

Slideshow (PDF 1,9 MB)

Speaker’s Manuscript (PDF 140 Kb)

2. Show the interview  (5 min)

3. Student assignment (15 min)

Let the students work with the assignment.

Student assignment (PDF 70 Kb)

4. Conclusion (10 min)

Summarise the work with the assignment and capture any questions from the students.

Press release for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize

A Swedish version of the lesson is available at

More about the Nobel Prize and its founder in the lesson “Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize”

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