Singapore, 13 September 2022


Nobel Prize Dialogue

The Future We Want Together

13 September 2022, Singapore

How can we make a better future? What can we do to improve people’s lives? What must we not do? The Nobel Prize Dialogue Singapore was a series of frank conversations exploring the best path to a world with improved wellbeing for all.

We brought together young people from across the Asia Pacific with Nobel Prize laureates and international experts in a series of discussions that bridged the gap between generations.

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In a unique set of conversations we put the focus on education, climate change, health, economic wellbeing, our digital future and happiness. In addition, a special session explored war and peace and also the next frontier, space, asking whether we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Joining us in Singapore were Nobel Prize laureates Serge Haroche, physics laureate 2012; Kailash Satyarthi, peace laureate 2014 and George Smoot, physics laureate 2006. In addition the following laureates contributed digitally: Steven Chu, physics laureate 1997; Angus Deaton, economic sciences laureate 2015; Esther Duflo, economic sciences laureate 2019; May-Britt Moser, medicine laureate 2014; Paul Romer, economic sciences laureate 2018.

By working together, we can help visualise and chart the future we want. 

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Featuring talks from Nobel Prize laureates Kailash Satyarthi and George Smoot.
Inter-generational dialogues covering wellbeing in six unique categories.
Full versions of pre-recorded sessions with students from across the Asia Pacific.

"We are one society. We are one globe."

– Steven Chu, Nobel Prize laureate in physics 1997

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