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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:23 - 9
Nominee 1:
Name: The Permanent International Peace Bureau
Profession:Central office through which peace activities could be coordinated
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1910
Nominee 2:
Name: The Institute of International Law (Institut de Droit International)
Profession:Scientific society aimed at developing international law as a codified science.
Country:BELGIUM (BE)
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1904
Motivation:The Peace Bureau organized peace conferences, and it collected and published peace literature. It was the heart of the European peace movement, and it co-ordinated the activities of the various national and non-governmental peace organizations. The Institute of International Law was nominated for its work to draft the first international arbitration regulations, and for its efforts to establish a codification of the laws of war.
Nominator 1:
Name: d´Aguanno
Profession:Professors of Law (Jurisprudence)
University:University of Parma
Country:ITALY (IT)
Nominator 2:
Name: Tommasini
Comments: The nominators suggested a divided prize between the two nominees. The Institute of International Law was included on the short list, but no new evaluation was requested.