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The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2006


Scientific articles:

Structural basis of transcription: An RNA polymerase II elongation complex at 3.3 Å resolution, by A. L. Gnatt, P. Cramer, J. Fu, D. A. Bushnell and R. D. Kornberg, Science 292, p. 1876-1882 (2001)

Structural basis of transcription: An RNA polymerase II – TFIIB cocrystal at 4.5 angstroms, by D. A. Bushnell, K. D. Westover, R. E. Davis and R. D. Kornberg, Science 303, p. 983-988 (2004)

Structural basis of eucaryotic gene transcription, by H. Boeger, D. A. Bushnell, R. Davis, J. Griesenbeck, Y. Lorch, J. S. Strattan, K. D. Westover and R. D. Kornberg, FEBS Lett. 579, p. 899-903 (2005)


Animation of the transcription: The Dolan DNA learning center – genes in education (Media showcase; Transcription: DNA codes for mRNA, 3D animation) »


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