The medal for economic sciences

The Medal for The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. Registered trademark of the Nobel Foundation. © ® The Nobel Foundation.

The medal for economic sciences shows the North Star emblem of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, dating from 1815, with the words “Kungliga Vetenskaps Akademien” (The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences) around the edge.

The upper half of the face of the medal depicts Alfred Nobel, but in a pose different from the one appearing on the Nobel Prize medals.

Around the upper edge are the words:

Sveriges Riksbank till Alfred Nobels Minne 1968
(The Sveriges Riksbank, in memory of Alfred Nobel, 1968)

The lower half displays the bank’s crossed horns of plenty. This design distinguishes it from the medals of the five prizes awarded under the terms of Alfred Nobel’s 1895 will.

The name of the economic sciences laureate is engraved on the edge of the medal.

The medal for economic sciences was designed by Gunvor Svensson-Lundqvist.

Since 2012 the medals has been manufactured by Svenska Medalj in Eskilstuna.

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