Q&A with Sir Martin J. Evans, October 2007

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After the 2007 Nobel Prize announcements, visitors to Nobelprize.org had the possibility to submit questions to the 2007 Nobel Laureates. Here, Sir Martin Evans answers a selection of the questions.

Question: If you would sum up the most important characters of a scientist in three words, what would they be?
Adam Kebede, age 20, Germany

Answer: “Three Words Insufficient”.

Question: Who, or what, inspired you to enter your field of achievement?
Bobby Cerini, age 34, Australia

Answer: Cambridge University Natural Science Tripos, in particular Botany and Biochemistry.
[Editors note: The Natural Sciences Tripos is the framework within which most of the science is taught in Cambridge University, which includes the teaching of a wide range of physical and biological sciences, and the history and philosophy of science.]

Question: In one word, can you describe your reaction when you knew you had been awarded the Nobel Prize?
Young eager student, age 13, United States

Answer: Delight.

Question: Has there ever been a time in your life and or work where you have doubted what you were doing to the point that you seriously considered abandoning said work? Anna, age 16, United Kingdom

Answer: No.

Question: First of all, congratulations! What will you do with the prize money? You have done something extraordinary to win the Nobel Prize – perhaps you deserve to spend it all on yourself!
Scott MacLeod, age 38, United States

Answer: It will go on paying off the mortgage on my new house and in part to my three children. (Probably helping them with their houses too!)

Question: At any given time you obviously have several questions in your mind that you want to find answers for in your research. How do you choose which ones to pursue first and spend most of your efforts on?
Nurmukhammad Yusupov, age 30, Uzbekistan

Answer: I am driven by my interest.

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