Arno Penzias

Curriculum Vitae


Career Profile
1998–current: Venture Partner, New Enterprise Associates
1998: Retired from Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs
1996–1998: Vice President & Chief Scientist, Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations
1995–1996: Vice President & Chief Scientist, AT&T Bell Laboratories
1981–1995: Vice President Research
1979–1981: Executive Director, Communications Sciences Research Division
1976–1979: Director, Radio Research Laboratory
1972–1976: Head, Radio Physics Research
1969–1972: Supervisor
1961–1972: Member Technical Staff
1954: B.S. City College of NY (Physics)
1958: M.A. Columbia University (Physics)
1962: Ph.D. Columbia University (Physics)
Honorary Degrees
1976: Paris Observatory
1979: Rutgers University
1979: Wilkes College
1979: City College of NY
1979: Yeshiva University
1983: Bar Ilan University
1984: Monmouth College
1986: Technion
1986: University of Pittsburgh
1986: Ball State University
1986: Kean College
1988: Ohio State University
1988: Iona College
1989: Drew University
1990: Lafayette College
1990: Columbia University
1992: The George Washington University
1992: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1992: University of Pennsylvania
1994: Bloomfield College
1997: Ranken Technical College
1997: Hebrew Union College
2002: Oxford University
1977: Herschel Medal, Royal Astronomical Society
1977: Henry Draper Medal, National Academy Science
1978: Nobel Prize in Physics
1979: Edison Lecturer, U.S. NRL
1979: Kompfner Lecturer, Stanford University
1979: Townsend Harris Medal, CCNY
1980: Gamow Lecturer, University of Colorado
1983: Newman Award, City College of New York
1983: Jansky Lecturer, National Rad. Astronomical Observatory
1983: Joseph Handleman Prize in the Sciences
1984: Grad Faculties Alumni Award, Columbia
1985: Big Brothers Incorporated, of New York City Achievement in Science Award
1985: Michelson Memorial Lecturer, US Naval Academy
1987: Grace Adams Tanner Lecture, Southern Utah State College
1987: Klopsteg Lecture, Northwestern University
1987: National Science Foundation Distinguished Lecturer
1989: Priestly Award, Dickinson College
1990: Regents’ Lecture, University of California, Berkeley
1990: University Distinguished Lecture, State University of NY at Stony Brook
1990: American Physics Society Pake Prize
1990: Honorary Member IEEE
1991: NJ Literary Hall of Fame
1991: Lee Kuan Yew Distinguished Visitor, National University of Singapore
1992: Pender Award, School of Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
1996: Einstein Lecturer, Princeton
1996: NJ Science/Technology Medal
1997: Fellow Award, International Engineering Consortium
1998: Industrial Research Institute Medalist
Key Interests
Basic and applied science, technology innovation and its impacts, helping inventors and entrepreneurs.
Recent patents include:
  • auction-based selection of telecommunications carriers;
  • participant tracking in a telephone conference call;
  • remote card game using ordinary playing cards;
  • computer-based transportation system;
  • fraud prevention in calling cards;
  • identifying telephone extensions in a residence environment;
  • doubly-encrypted identity verification system.
  • migrating personalization information to a new computer
  • allocating address space in a virtual memory system.
Societies and Professional Groups
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
American Astronomical Society
American Physical Society
National Academy of Engineering
National Academy of Sciences
World Academy of Art and Science
2004–Current: Board of Directors, Konarka Technologies
1999–Current: Board of Directors, Alien Technologies
1997–1999: Board of Directors, Home Wireless Networks
1997–2000: Board of Directors, Fibex Technologies
1997–1998: Board of Directors, Commercial Data Servers
1996–1999: Board of Directors, Warpspeed Communications
1996–2000: Board of Directors, LCC International
1995–1996: Board of Directors, Duracell
1992–2000: Board of Directors, A. D. Little
1989–Current: Council on Competitiveness
1983–1994: Union of Councils for Soviet Jews Advisory Board
1982–1990: NSF Industrial Panel on Science & Technology
1975–Current: Committee of Concerned Scientists; (1976–Current: Vice Chairman)

* This CV was provided by the Laureate in June 2005.

Arno Penzias died on 22 January 2024.

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