Riccardo Giacconi


Interview, June 2008

Interview with the 2002 Nobel Laureate in Physics Riccardo Giacconi, at the 58th Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany, 30 June 2008. The interviewer is Adam Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Nobelprize.org.

Riccardo Giacconi talks about why he sees himself as both as an American and as a European, why Rome is his favourite city in the world (2:30), his beginnings in physics (5:43), the provocative nature of his recent book aimed at young people moving into science (14:30), why scientists are like children (19:07), the importance of methodology in scientific research (32:18), the remarkable unexpected discovery of cosmic X-rays (46:47), and how most of the matter in the universe remains to be discovered (55:54).

Interview, December 2002

Interview with the 2002 Nobel Laureates in Physics, Riccardo Giacconi, Masatoshi Koshiba and Raymond Davis Jr., 12 December 2002. Raymond Davis’ son, Andrew M. Davis, is also present, and the interviewer is Joanna Rose, science writer.

The Laureates talk about the Nobel event, difficulties through the years (2:02), the road to the Nobel Prize (9:42), the role of individual creativity in comparison to the work of the group (15:05), and whether scientists can be replaced (20:51).

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